Capacity building

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Capacity building

Mavinz Capacity Building Services primarily focus on Leadership and policy development and facilitate discussions with staff and community focus groups to develop administrative procedures, policies and regulations and a trained team for effective implementation.

Capacity building is a short term service with the goal to provide the processes, skills and knowledge within the organization to decrease the need for consulting services.

Capacity building is not just about the capacity of a business today - it's about the ability to deliver its mission effectively. Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of an organization.

Mavinz Consultancy

Mavinz Capacity Building Solutions include:

  • Identifying a communications strategy
  • Improving Recruitment
  • Ensuring thoughtful leadership succession
  • Updating the technology
  • Improving Quality Deliverable Approach
Mavinz Consultancy

Why is capacity building important?

Being frequently invisible, and often overlooked, capacity building is the important “infrastructure” that supports and shapes organizations' workforce into an even better focused one. Capacity building enables organizations and their leaders to develop competencies and skills that can make them more effective and sustainable, thus increasing the potential for solving most intractable problems.